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Homage to Casino Royale
A video composited recreation of some of the opening sequence to Casino Royale. Check it out!
An animated visualization of the evolution of the video game. Check it out!
An ecommerce platform designed to compliment exclusive jewelry. Check it out!
This is honestly just a crazy photo compositing project I wanted to do. Check it out!
Symmetry In Motion
An experimental video that delves into the wonders of 240fps 4K UHD video compositing. Check it out!
Milk-Bone® Campaign
A marketing campaign aimed at tweens 9-13 to promote spending more time with man's best friend. Check it out!
First, let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to check out my website. Okay, now let's get down to brass tacks...

My name is Daniel Constance and I'm going to try to not make this sound like all of the other about sections out there. I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Digital Arts & Design at Full Sail University. Prior to attending classes there I built many websites for doctors, lawyers, politicians, museums, and small businesses, but just knowing how to code wasn't enough for me. I wanted to know how to design.

I am a hardworking, goal-driven individual with a true passion for what I do. My capabilities range from UI/UX design, front-end web development, and motion graphics to photo retouching, video production, and illustration. My greatest strength is my ability think on my feet in any situation and solve problems with strategic creativity.
Daniel Constance